E-Commerce – design & content

Design of all digital and printed publications for Ribatex.

  • For Ribatex AB
  • Type Branding, webdesign, social media management, product photography
  • URL www.ribatex.se

The design of this webshop, it’s logo and the companys graphic profile started out as a examination project for me. The company were looking for someone to involve from the beginning with this project. They found me, we worked it out, and later they started up the business. It went fairly well and the webshop is running today at the domain www.ribatex.se

Producing merchandise and profile material is a frequent ongoing job for every serious company

Social media management. I was responsible for the administration of the company’s social media presence were facebook was the main channel. From this i has gained experience in doing advertising, making content and handle customer relations.

Making a selling banner isn’t very easily done. You need to know the target audience and their needs and wants, know what they are used to be exposed to, and balance this with some own, new ideas.

I got some help from a professional photographer – http://www.martinwichardt.se/ – and quickly learned to produce product images in a simple studio set and to edit the material correctly. It’s actually quite fun to go deep into product exposure, and it’s very important for a successful webshop.